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I know,  I know,  I know we are just entering the dog days and I am talking holiday shows and whittling demonstrations?

Kidding right?

No joke. You snooze…   you loose!

The countdown is on.

To view or pint my upcoming schedule, visit my web page , scroll to Shows, select:

The file downloads to your Download file as a  PDF.  Open the file on your desktop or touch screen.

To view the WD calendar, scroll to the bottom of this post.

Of course this schedule is subject to change as showtime approaches!

Stay tuned!

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Tools of the Trade

It is winter here in the Mid-Atlantic. We survived the Great 2016 Blizzard and are busy piling chips as this year’s crew. A pause here to look back at a few of  last year’s gang


2015_gang  H0F_ALL





SM-MD_Compo Happy_Holicays



Whittlers Awareness Raised


Whittlers are raising awareness as fear runs through our community.

We are afraid that our contributions will be removed from the history of our state and nation. Further we fear the tools of our trade, art, and recreation be taken away from us.

Are we next to be removed because we hold deep-seated prejudices about the tools and woods we use in our endeavors?


About WD

Winter on the Rivah…

The holidays and Santa have come and gone from the RVA. Despite being in the Middle Atlantic, winter and its accompanying weather have arrived.


Outside, it is cold… icy… sometimes white… sometimes NOT!

Inside, the coffee is on… if you look carefully you may see a few wood chips floating on top!

It is time to whittle those projects that time would not permit during THE season.

Throwing another log on the fire…..